Best of Times Art Book

Dan Davis - Koy, oil on canvass, 2013

For a while now we have felt part of a wider community of musicians, artists and other creative types based in and around East London. We asked some of the artists we know and some whose work we admired from afar to listen to our new album, choose a song and come up with a piece of work on paper that somehow relates to the music. We asked the artists to develop a tangental fragmentary approach to working with the music – to echo something they felt in the music rather than illustrate the content of the songs.

The works came back to us slowly, but surely and we are over the moon how they interweave and form a dialogue with the music. They range in style from prints, collages, watercolours and photos and we hope offer an intriguing point of departure for listening and engaging with the music. Fragments of images that carry the listener down a new set of avenues into the world created in ‘Best of Times’. We are knocked out by the results and can’t thank the contributing artists enough.

Click on the link below to see the art book:

art book pdf

It is printed in the limited edition gatefold vinyl available here at Bella Union:

See some handpicked work from the artists below to give you a flavour of what they are up to.

Henna Vainio, Totem -plaster, wood painted bronze, 2013


Richard T. Walker - in defiance of being here, neon, cassette recorders, cassettes, keyboards, rocks, 2013


Phil Goss - cafe drawing, felt tip and ink on paper, 2013


Phoebe Unwin - Photograph, Indian Ink and acrylic medium on canvass, 2013


Tim Rutili, Califone Poster at Empty Bottle, silk-screen on paper, 2005


Neal Tait - Varda, oil on canvass, 2003


Ryan Mosely - Between Seamers, Oil on canvass backed with sail cloth, 2014


Dan Davis - Koy, oil on canvass, 2013

Nick Goss - Don Van Vliet Lounge, oil on linen, 2012